Solarize Kinderhook with Astral Power

1:15 am by Kristy Tan

Astral Power, Inc. today announced a new Community partnership with Women’s Opportunity Center. Women’s Opportunity the Women’s Opportunity Center (WOC) is a not-for-profit organization that offers free services to advance women’s success in the workplace by providing employability skill training that helps women become economically and personally self-sufficient.

Solarize Kinderhook with Astral Power

September 1st, 2021


he Village of Kinderhook has selected Astral Power to be one of the clean energy provider partners for the Solarize Kinderhook campaign. The Village of Kinderhook Climate Smart Community Task Force has been developing a plan for a Community Solar outreach campaign and 

“we couldn’t be prouder to have been chosen to work side by side with the Village of Kinderhook to remove barriers to solar for the community and help combat greenhouse gas emissions,” says Cara Humphrey, VP and Co-Founder of Astral Power.  Residents, small business owners, and even non-profit organizations in the Kinderhook area have a unique opportunity to enroll in Community Solar, save money on their electricity bills, and lower their carbon footprint, resulting in cleaner air for their communities. 

Martin Van Buren Statue in Kinderhook, NY.

Astral Power provides subscribers access to the financial and environmental benefits of locally produced, clean solar energy while they continue receiving electricity from their current utility company. Subscribers to Community Solar through Astral Power will always save 10% on their electricity costs without the need for any equipment or upfront fees. Savings increase for those who consume more electricity, but the average household saves about $150 per year.


To celebrate their partnership with the Village of Kinderhook, Astral Power is offering a $100 sign-up bonus to everyone who enrolls during this campaign. Astral Power is also making a donation to the Village of Kinderhook’s Sustainability Fund for each person, business, or non-profit organization that subscribes.

Want to become more sustainable?

Astral Power Booth at a Kinderhook Farmer's Market.

Sustainability is a key theme in this campaign. “The Village of Kinderhook Climate Smart Task Force is launching a community solar campaign to provide area residents and small businesses an opportunity to help us in our efforts to achieve a more sustainable environment for our community,” said Bill Mancini, Chairman of the Committee.


Community solar campaigns are creating a pathway towards more sustainable communities all across New York State. For every new subscriber, and their respective solar farm, that means there is more clean energy on the grid, and less demand for energy from fossil fuels. The development of these solar farms also creates jobs, and generates local tax revenue for the surrounding area.

About Astral Power:

Astral Power provides access to locally produced clean energy from solar farms to households and businesses at a lower cost than their utility. Learn how Astral Power helps customers save money and lower carbon emissions by visiting

About Village of Kinderhook:

Kinderhook is one of our nation’s oldest communities, dating back to the 1600’s.  Kinderhook is a rural community located in Columbia County, New York.  It features many small businesses, thriving farms, an arts community, and many successful businesses dating back to the late 18th century.


Visit Kinderhook’s official website to learn more about the latest events and announcements at

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