We have Moved!

We have merged with Neighborhood Sun to provide you with more clean, green, renewable energy! By joining forces with Neighborhood Sun, we have expanded our reach and are now bringing affordable clean energy alternatives and savings to thousands of residents and businesses like you across the country.


locally sourced green energy for you and your community

A way to save the planet

Community Solar produces electricity from local solar farms. These farms reduce the amount of energy generated from coal and natural gas plants and improve our overall air quality and health.

A way to save money

As a subscriber to a local community solar farm, you are guaranteed to save 10% off your total rate annually.

A way to support your community

Astral Power helps communities by providing local jobs and economic development. Our team members are also members of the community who contribute to the local tax base and economy.


In case you were wondering...

Am I eligible to participate in community solar?

If you are a homeowner, renter, non-profit, or small businesses with the electric bill in your name, you can participate. Participating members must be served by the same utility as the solar farm.

How much do I save?

Each month you receive bill credits from solar and are guaranteed to save 10% on your overall rate annually.

How do I see my savings?

You will receive bill credits for the amount of electricity you produce each month. After the credits offset your electric bill, you pay Astral Power for the credits at a 10% discount.

How much does it cost?

Absolutely nothing!

Is there a fee for cancelling?

Not with us! You can cancel your agreement at any time for any reason and never pay a fee.

How does the electricity produced from the solar farm get to my house?

The electricity produced is sent to the grid and you receive bill credits each month. Your current electric service will not be interrupted, and you will still receive your electricity from the utility as you do now.

Can I participate if I have a third-party electric supplier?

Yes! Your savings will be calculated based on your energy supplier’s rate vs. the utility's rate.

Can I participate if I have budget billing?

With Budget Billing, your utility reconciles customer accounts at the end of the annual cycle. However, with Community Solar, credits need to be applied to your bill every month. This does not work if you have Budget Billing in place. You should contact your utility to remove Budget Billing prior to enrolling in Community Solar.



If you are passionate about clean energy and want to help others save money and reduce their carbon footprint, take advantage of one of our referral partner programs.